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Aristotle said true wealth lies not in the ownership of property but in the right to use it. Why buy when you can use it for a fraction of the cost? Once this domain is leased, it's gone.

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Or your money back. An easy decision with no risk and no regrets.

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Cancel without penalty. Owners cannot cancel except for non-payment or trademark infringement.

Benefits of a Great Brand

This is the only .com brand of its kind

Any other extension drives traffic to this .com

Almost all U.S. Fortune 500 companies use .com

Intuitive, memorable and easy to say and type

Better search engine optimization

Better Brand recognition and authority

Why Startups Love Venture

I remember back in the early 00's when talking to friends about potential domain names that's been taken for years but never really used; parked domains with ridiculous prices making it impossible to acquire them. Whatsmyip.com was one of those dream names. Thanks Venture for making it possible for me to acquire my dream domain!

Richard Andersson
Founder, Whatsmyip.com

Acquiring the rights to use PlayGame.com via Venture.com is by far the best decision to date. Not only was the Venture team super helpful and knowledgeable in the domain name industry, but they gave us a peace of mind and ease to transact, so that we can focus on more important things: Making great games for the world. Having the "PlayGame.com" logo on our marketing arsenal is a game changer!

Anton Soeharyo
CEO, PlayGame.com

I'm very happy with Venture's service. It's a gift from God! Wasn't sure how to showcase my products, but now I have one of the best domains for my product category. Having a category defining domain name really does give us the edge. For me, it makes sense to get the exclusive right to a top-notch domain rather than registering a sub-par one. FunnyTshirts.com is so easy to remember and doesn't need an explanation.

Marcus Savage
Founder, FunnyTshirts.com

As an early stage business in a market where trust is paramount, choosing a high-quality .com domain-name from Venture.com gave us the legitimacy we needed to prove out our business model, acquire our first customers and ultimately build a brand that we can be proud of well into the future.

Peter O'Malley
Founder/CEO, Advisable.com

Premium domains are so hard to come by these days, and they're not cheap. As a small business owner, Venture has provided me the opportunity to lease a highly brandable domain at an affordable price. I'm grateful for Venture's professional service and their pool of top level domains.

Erica Wallace
Founder, Uptowngirl.com

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Make this domain your brand. Once this domain is leased, it's gone.

Serial Entrepreneurs

The Regular Rate

$ 100 /month

Lease now


Get Started Risk-free

$ 20 /month

Secure Now

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Venture?

Venture is a Brand as a Service platform, providing quality, appealing brandable domains for lease. Our mission is to brand the next generation of startups.

Why are some leases so expensive?

Premium brandable domains, like prime real estate, can be worth up to millions of dollars, and its value is reflected in its lease.

Can I buy the domain instead?

Venture is a digital lease-only platform. You may contact the Domain Owner via Whois to make a purchase inquiry.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. It’s free to cancel your lease at any time for any reason. You will not be reimbursed for the month you cancel.

How do I change name servers?

Submit your name servers when you apply or via your account. Once the Domain Owner has transferred the domain to Venture, it may take 24-72 hours to update.

Can I lose the domain?

Venture's model has been designed with your brand's longterm success in mind; it guarantees you exclusive rights to lease the domain indefinitely. This is contingent upon your end of the agreement being kept by paying on time and not infringing on any trademark with the domain.

What is the compensation payment?

The Compensation Payment is the Original Monthly Fee multiplied by 250. You only have to pay this fee if you cause the domain to be lost due to trademark infringement.


Contact us at support@venture.com or use the customer support form to get in touch with us.

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