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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a domain name?

A domain name is your website name and more importantly it is also your brand. It is the unique sequence of characters people type to access your website. Your online presence should start with a domain name that is memorable and easy to type.

How does leasing a domain name on Venture work?

Simply state your intended use for the domain name. If approved, the domain name will be assigned the nameservers that you provide from your web host. Learn more here.

Why are some leases so expensive?

Premium brandable domains, like prime real estate, can be worth up to millions of dollars, and its value is reflected in its lease.

Can I lose the domain?

Venture's perpetual rights digital lease model has been designed with your brand's long term success in mind and guarantees you exclusive rights to lease the domain indefintely. Of course this is contingent upon you holding up your end of the agreement by paying on time and your use not infringing on a trademark.

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