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Listed Domain Name Policy

Date of Last Revision: January 27, 2020

This Listed Domain Name Policy supplements the General Terms of Service for Domain Name Owners. Reinvent, Inc. ("") reserves the right to deny listing of any domain name that violates this Listed Domain Name Policy or for any other reason. reserves the right to modify or update this Listed Domain Name Policy at any time and any such modifications or restatements shall be posted on the Terms page from time to time.

  1. Purpose

    A Domain Name forms part of the identity of an entity to the public. It can communicate an image and shape a reputation of a website. As a responsible global citizen, has established a set of guidelines to determine whether specific terms and certain domain names will be allowed placement in its domain name marketplace.

  2. Scope

    This policy covers all domain names submitted for listing on the marketplace of and its affiliates.

  3. Policy

    You may not list a domain name that reasonably believes:

    1. constitutes child pornography;
    2. constitutes pornography;
    3. is excessively violent, incites violence, threatens violence, or contains harassing keywords or hate terms;
    4. has any keyword or term that is defamatory or violates a person's privacy;
    5. is linked to a website that is unfair or deceptive under the consumer protection laws of any jurisdiction, including chain letters and pyramid schemes;
    6. is linked to a website that improperly exposes trade secrets or other confidential or proprietary information of another person;
    7. blatantly infringes on another person's trade or service mark, patent, or other property right;
    8. promotes illegal drugs, violates export control laws, relates to illegal gambling, or illegal arms trafficking;
    9. is otherwise illegal or solicits conduct that is illegal under laws applicable to you or to;
    10. is otherwise malicious, fraudulent, or may result in retaliation against by offended viewers;

    Repeated attempts to list domain names containing offensive material may result in suspension or cancellation of the Owner’s account, without warning or notice to the user, and without liability on the part of Furthermore, has no desire to list or otherwise provide services for any domain name that, in its sole discretion, promotes or tends to promote organizations that endorse and/or encourage hatred, violence, child pornography, bestiality, racial or religious intolerance.

  4. Responsibilities

    1. Domain Owners will submit domain names for listing that meet the criteria of the Listed Domain Names Policy.
    2. will approve or reject domain names submitted by Domain Owners according to the guidelines set out this Listed Domain Names Policy. serves thousands of domain names and users all over the globe. Despite the company’s best efforts, it is impossible for the company to monitor and verify every single domain name; and as such, the company disavows any obligation to do so. For this reason, urges you to report any domain name you believe has been listed in violation of our Listed Domain Names Policy. Reports should be sent via’s Contact page. Please include the domain name, the date, time and location where you detected the domain.

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