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Why Choose Venture

The Innovative Digital Lease Platform

Venture has created a digital lease model for digital real estate, a Brand as a Service platform, allowing you, with little capital, to access great domains as great brands and set you up for success. Transparent and easy to start up with minimal risk.

Commercial leases allow brick and mortar businesses to have prime real estate without the huge money upfront to buy. Now leases are the accepted way to start a business. In this digital age, where software is transforming industries through innovative technology, your startup needs a great brand to be your digital real estate, but great domains can cost millions of dollars, just like prime real estate.

Commercial leases work and so do digital leases—with a couple of key tweaks. No lock in with long terms. Cancel any time for any reason. 90% of businesses fail within five years, and 50% fail in the first year. Or if you are one of the 10% success stories, lease for as long as you want.

Premium Brands

Priced right for startups

Lease Forever

As long as you wish

Cancel Anytime

No penalties

The Dream Startup Plan

With a flash of higher insight, we’ve worked with Owners to create special Startup Plans. We recognize your first year of operating could be a major financial struggle. So we took this factor and the funding timeline into consideration. Now you can have a great brand from the start at a much lower rate and then get funded.

Y Combinator requires startups to demo their business to Venture Capitalists after 3 months. So what we're offering you is an even better time frame!

Startup Funding Timeline

Diagram of startup funding timeline: Start 5k-100k, get a great brand,
              3 months 10k-100k, 6 months 10k-1m, 1 year 1m-5m, years 5m+

An Investment You Can't Afford to Miss

The name of your startup is critically important to its success—six
letters or under, generally easy to spell and certainly unique. Great
entrepreneurs tackle and solve challenging issues like naming their
company well, and if you can’t name your company well, you’re simply
not worth investing in. I know it’s a harsh statement, but it is true.
Better you hear it now while you still have a chance to hit a homerun.

If you go into a VC or angel meeting with a crappy name, they will look
at it the same way they look at you unshaven with a stain on your shirt
and a deck full of misspellings: that you lack focus and attention to
detail. A stunning domain name paired with a world-class logo makes you
look like a killer. That is what you want when you’re in a meeting asking
people to give you money: credibility. Under no circumstance should you
settle for an OK or bad name, except if it’s just a placeholder and
you’re NOT showing it to investors."

Jason Calacanis

Now you can choose the best domains for your brand

Search Brands
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