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After decades of experience in the internet business, we figured out a way to address the supply and demand issue surrounding valuable domain properties. The idea came during a visit to California and introduction to the Irvine Ranch, a 93,000 acre plot of private, masterly planned urban land. The Irvine company's commitment to good stewardship of their land inspired us to build a model that would connect unused digital properties to startups, entrepreneurs, and big ideas.

Thousands of premium domains lie vacant, waiting for a great idea to be built on them. Unfortunately, many of the entrepreneurs and startups with these ideas can't afford the multi-million dollar asking prices. So, we decided to bring the commercial real estate model to digital real estate and made it even better.


I want the best name possible as a starting point and then create my brand from there. With a domain name like, you have immediate authority.

Wayne Gathright

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