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About Us

At Venture, we understand the dilemma of capital restriction and the need for a standout brand. After years of seeing how prohibitive outright acquistion of top-notch domains could be, the catalyst for change in our approach came from a visit to the Californian Irvine Ranch — a 93,000 acre plot of masterly planned urban land. Their theme of good stewardship resonated with us as we redirected our focus on connecting creators to unused dream domains.

With our passion for empowering ideas, combined with our wealth of proven experience in the domain name industry, we have created the premier, perpetual leasing program for premium domain names.

Guiding Principles

As we work towards forming a better Internet landscape, our efforts are driven by our Five Guiding Principles:

Be good stewards

Be Good Stewards

With great value comes great responsibility. Engage in care so that the blessings under our stewardship benefit many people.

Make connections

Create Connections

Key partnerships enable symbiotic connections. Foster vital relationships that generate a positive network effect.

Make it wonderful

Make it Wonderful

Strive to make the world more wonderful. Let child-like wonder be a part of the next wonders of the digital age.

Help Entrepreneurs

Help Creators

The creative spirit can thrive or die by a thought, word, or event. Help breath life into that spirit of new ideas.

Build a legacy

Build a Legacy

Serve creators for generations to come. Set in motion the stimulant for growth and leave a positive imprint in the world.


I want the best name possible as a starting point and then create my brand from there. With a domain name like, you have immediate authority.

Wayne Gathright

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