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Domain Leasing that Makes Sense

Your premium domain assets are worth millions of dollars but they lay practically dormant with advertising pages that yield less and less revenue every year.

Let Venture unlock the value of your assets. Make your domains available to entrepreneurs who can bring their ideas to life on your digital properties while you receive a healthy stream of cash flow.

There is a notion that all of the good names are taken.
Surely most of the good names are owned by someone, but maybe
not utilized in a way that will maximize their value.

Jeff Bennet, rebranded from

Frequently Asked Questions

Venture specializes in high quality, premium domain names. We will only accept suitable domains with a minimum valuation of $20,000. Also, you must own all the domain names that you wish to add to your account.

Similar to commercial real estate, you may sell a leased name but the lease and its terms must stay intact. The main difference between Venture and traditional commercial leasing is that the lease does not expire. The lessee has the right to lease the domain name as long as they continue to pay.

You get paid monthly, net 30 days and the Commission Rate is 12%. We also have Affiliates who refer entrepreneurs and companies to your domain names. Each time an Affiliate refers a successful lease, they will be paid a 10% Referral Fee for the duration of the lease.

Most countries require lessees of non-resident owners to withhold a certain amount of money from their lease payments and pay it to the government as a form of tax. The amount can range between 5%-30%. Owners may be eligible to apply for a foreign tax credit in their home country to recoup some of these taxes.

If both the owner and the lessee are residents of the same country, there is no need to pay withholding tax. If you wish to avoid paying withholding taxes altogether, you may choose to lease your names only to companies or individuals residing in the same country as you.

The Compensation Payment is equal to the then-current Monthly Fee multiplied by 250. For example, if the Monthly Fee is $400, then the Compensation Payment would be $100,000. This payment would be applicable if a lessee were to break the terms of the lease agreement, for example by infringing on a trademark, and it resulted in the loss of the domain name.

As an Owner, you are able to create your own pricing plans. This includes setting the annual increase rate. Once a lease starts, however, you won't be able to edit the payment schedule nor the annual increase rate. We recommend you take into consideration, the average rate of inflation over time.

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