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How It Works

Lease a domain name with Venture's perpetual rights digital lease model.

Step 1:

Sign up and apply for your lease

An application process is necessary because the Owner must verify that your intended use will not infringe on any existing Trademark. Therefore, provide as much details to support your case for exclusive perpetual rights.

You have the option to negotiate the lease price with the Owner's agent on some domains. In this case, the agent will provide you with the formal application link after you have reached a price agreement.

Important Note: Submitting a lease application constitutes your offer to lease the domain name.

Step 2:

Once Owner approves, lease starts

In this step the Owner will review your lease application. Once the Owner determines your intended use will not be in violation of any existing Trademark and approves your application, your lease will start.

Important Note: At this point your credit card will be charged in United States Dollars (USD). Your payment will be for the stub period of the first month. Future payments will be auto charged on the first of each month.

Step 3:

Venture updates name servers

The Owner will transfer the domain to Venture's control to manage the name servers. You will have full control of managing your DNS records, including MX records at your web host provider.

You will submit your name servers or forwarding URL details within your Venture account from the Lease panel. Each time you update your name servers, Venture will make the changes on your behalf at the domain registrar.

Important Note: Venture does not provide a web hosting service nor email service.

Step 4:

Make automated monthly payments

Your account will be charged on the 1st of each month going forward. You may make payments in advance from within your Venture account.

Important Note: You may cancel your lease within your account anytime without penalty. However, there will be no refund for the then-current month.

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