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Madison Lake, CanvasPrint founder

"Having a killer domain like enabled us to rank in the top 3 search results on Google within 90 days of launching the website. When we started we only had 3 employees and now we have over 85 employees. Leasing a domain name through is an absolute no brainer for any business!"

Maddison Lake
Shri Ganeshram, founder, on a sidewalk

"We raised our 9.3 million seed round from top-tier Venture Capitalists in Silicon Valley. We were actually able to benefit from leasing the domain because we were able to use that capital we would have used to purchase the domain to otherwise help grow the business."

Shri Ganeshram
Jay Tannenbaum, founder, in front of some headlights

"A premium domain name is like having a storefront on 5th Avenue in New York. It gave us reputation, it adds trust, and it tells people that we're not just a couple of brothers working out of our garage. I would 100% recommend to other businesses."

Jay Tannenbaum
Alex Vialy, founder

"I’d recommend other businesses to lease the domain at Because it really allows you to redirect your funds and allocate the money toward other things that could help your business grow. For us, we use the funds in marketing expenses and it’s really helped."

Alex Vialy

For us, finding was like finding gold. My team and I have been in the field of medical marketing and software development for over fifteen years. We have filmed over 3,000 patient testimonials. Our team is unique in our understanding of patients in the healthcare marketplace. Our previous brand, HavePatients, was catchy and interesting, but not everyone understood or appreciated the pun. We wondered how we could drop the “Have” and simply become We knew this would help match the credibility our team deserved in a domain name.
Thanks to Venture, we were able to set up a long-term partnership that worked with our plans of expansion. We had and have no interest or need in “owning” the domain. The contract is very well crafted and protects our business. Venture owns hundreds and millions of dollars worth of great domain names. I think what was most surprising was Venture’s willingness (and eagerness) to help out our growing company. That was not expected, but eternally appreciated. The Venture model resonated with us and we believe and can be a powerful tool for other businesses as well. We plan to do more business with Venture in the near future.

For us, having the premium domain is the modern-day equivalent of opening a storefront on 5th Avenue. It promotes both awareness and trust.

You guys are really on to something, I knew from my friend Alan how difficult it is to find the right domain for your business and even when you do get that it is with the price tag of hundreds of thousand of dollars, Venture believes in Scaling up only when it helps other companies scale up in the process creating a trusted partnership where both parties can benefit. We like the way you guys are giving opportunities to create great experience by leveraging hard to find domain names and helping entrepreneurs create a lasting experience and we are proud to partner with you!

Our overall objective with starting Blue Bear was to create a long lasting effective brand that is not only memorable, recognizable, and simple but easily identified in the online marketplace. We were happy to find that was available and could not have have been more relieved that we did not need to spend all our start-up capital in obtaining this premium domain name. Thanks to Venture we were able to make a cost effective payment plan that aligned with our long term business goals and because of this we have focused our budget on product development, marketing, and the overall growth of our brand.

I remember back in the early 00's when talking to friends about potential domain names that's been taken for years but never really used; parked domains with ridiculous prices making it impossible to acquire them. was one of those dream names. Thanks Venture for making it possible for me to acquire my dream domain!

As an early stage business in a market where trust is paramount, choosing a high-quality .com domain-name from gave us the legitimacy we needed to prove out our business model, acquire our first customers and ultimately build a brand that we can be proud of well into the future.

I'm very happy with Venture's service. It's a gift from God! Wasn't sure how to showcase my products, but now I have one of the best domains for my product category. Having a category defining domain name really does give us the edge. For me, it makes sense to get the exclusive right to a top-notch domain rather than registering a sub-par one. is so easy to remember and doesn't need an explanation.”

As a Mobile Gaming startup company we have to ensure that we’re allocating our capital to things that really matter. Our investment in acquiring the rights to use via is by far the best decision to date.
Not only was the Venture team super helpful and knowledgeable in the domain name industry, but they gave us a peace of mind and ease to transact, so that we can focus on more important things: Making great games for the world.
Finally having the '' logo on our marketing arsenal is a game changer. Although our Touchten brand had been established for some time, people didn’t necessarily connect the name to what we do. Now with, no one will ever question that. And that’s amazing…

Our brand 'Yuso' matters a lot to us. In addition to our home country domain, we defensively bought other extensions. As a start-up, the .com domain remained elusive until provided us the opportunity to lease it with their innovative model.

Premium domains are so hard to come by these days and they're not cheap. As a small business owner, Venture has provided me the opportunity to lease a highly brandable domain at an affordable price. I'm grateful for Venture's professional service and their pool of top level domains.

As both an entrepreneur and investor who appreciates the true value of a good domain when launching a new business, I have spent more than 20 years waiting for someone to elegantly create a domain leasing platform like this. I can’t remember how many times I have tried to convince an individual domain owner to lease their domain, but it was almost always too complicated to set up a low stress long term lease for both sides. has executed this domain leasing service with perfection and solved one of the greatest problems between entrepreneurs and domain owners. Finally, visionary cash sensitive startup entrepreneurs can give their new business a world class brand from day 1 to maximize their chance of success. And finally, long term domain investors can safely and simply realize the true value of their domain investments.

Steven Vachani
Steven Vachani
Managing Director

Having a one-word domain ('') adds credibility to our brand and trust to our customers. helps reinforce our brand identity and makes us more discoverable. Working with Venture is easy and efficient.

Caitlin Copetti
Caitlin Copetti
Sr. Marketing Manager

I have been a fan of’s model for quite some time, having bought domains in the 6-figures, I understand the value of a memorable domain that can become a brand. Securing a high-quality domain name from has accelerated the authority and traction of my business.

Venture is the only domain platform that I’ve worked with that was able to create a win-win partnership. They have followed through on their commitments and been great to work with.

Adam Ahern
Adam Ahern
CEO, former lessee

When we found out the domain was for lease and not purchase I was actually quite hesitant, as the business model seemed ripe to take advantage of new companies (eg. lease for a low rate on a monthly basis until the company makes it big, then crank up the price). But it turned out that pricing is locked in upfront. Furthermore, it was actually quite simple to transfer my lease to a new business, which was another concern. Overall, I was happy to lease, which ended in a smooth transfer.

Drew McCoy
Drew McCoy
Former Domain Lessee

I have leased several very high profile domain names through and have been exceedingly pleased with their service. Leasing through provides the domain security I need to build brands, while also freeing up funds to build businesses rather than sinking money into a domain purchase. In addition, I must say that their team is extremely attentive, professional, and detail-oriented. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for an exceptional domain name. is the ideal way to explore new projects for a startup. If you’re early stage they have flexible pricing options, and you’re not locked into long term leases. That makes it the ideal partner for a startup exploring new ideas.

Venture's business model helped us grow our network at least ten times faster with much more efficiency meanwhile creating opportunities for establishing the business foundation strong and giving room for investing the budget precisely for the targeted growth and partnerships. I can not stress enough how important it is for an entrepreneur to feel comfort in his mind while creating, especially in the growth and budgeting correlation and thanks to Venture, the whole process feel like a breeze.

Business is a two way street and we are honored to partner with Venture. They are flexible and understand that business takes time to grow. Sometimes people are skeptical if a website name has any real value or can it be a game changer? It is an absolute YES and Venture is a great place to look for top notch and catchy domain names. It not only brings traffic but also directs the right crowd to your business. We are blessed to connect with Venture to grow our business and as well to have a long term relationship! Highly recommended!

In the website world, it is becoming increasingly harder to get the right website for your company or project. Almost all of them are taken so when you have a specific brand/idea it is hard to get the exact website to coincide with your business. Venture really helped us to secure the exact site we needed. Without Venture we would have had to overpay for our site or not even be able to procure it at all. Not to mention that since our project is in development there is very little budget to get a site up and running so we would have never been able to do it without Venture. Their prices are fair and the transaction is seamless. Would recommend them to everyone that is having a hard time getting the online presence they need.

Venture's domain lease model helped us grab a catchy, easy to remember domain name that we could build a company around! The best part was that they offer great prices and contract terms for first time entrepreneurs, so we could actually afford to kick the company off and see where it takes us!

Easy to get started. Responsive team. Great domain names.

We were starting a business in a common area, and knew that the .com domain's were unrealistic to acquire. In Googling for the .org, which is actually a better fit, I saw it available on for what I considered a very reasonable price. I was able to very quickly acquire a lease for the advertised price I had first seen. Along with a set annual fee increase to protect myself from price escalation. I have nothing but compliments in all my dealings with their staff.

Jay Martin
Jay Martin
Chairman of Chief Innovation, Inc.

We have been working with Venture for over 2 years now and we are satisfied with it. Speed and efficiency in responses and especially in requests. Thank you.

Christophe Baillie
Christophe Baillie
Accountant and Financial Manager was leased because "Mealplan" was one of our brands. We knew we would be easily found by users who either already knew us, or searched for "meal plan", "meal prep" or "meal planning". Having a descriptive domain name brought us consistent web traffic, which was a great benefit, particularly for customer acquisition. Thumbs up for

Cameron Speck
Cameron Speck
Cofounder, Former Lessee

Venture made it extremely easy to get the domain I needed. We have worked with them for years and will continue to do business with them. A+ has been pivotal in the successful rebranding of my business. Ever since rebranding, we've had far more interest in the company, and our customers absolutely love the new brand and premium domain name. The exclusive lease agreement not only gives me great flexibility, but it's also very startup friendly. All in all, engaging with is one of the best decisions I've made as a founder to date.

When I first founded Urent, I was keen on making sure I had the right domain to take my business global. Having discovered Venture, who had my domain,, up for lease, I was extremely delighted to know that my business would now be in safe hands. And having this domain will assist in taking my business global.

For what it's worth, when we went back to the drawing board for names, we pulled open and literally went through every domain name. It was a great way for us to consider other names we would have never thought about, and it's also nice to know that every single domain is going to be a premium domain. We were strongly considering,,, and, but was the perfect intersection between price, brand-ability, and having no potential competitors with similar names.

In contrast to other business name generators that require you to put some initial words, sometimes it's nice to just have a clean slate and have a lot of really great names thrown at you. will forever be in my arsenal of tools now for when I am thinking about the next thing to launch. Thanks for helping us out of a bind. You should see some of the terrible names we thought of by ourselves haha. enables entrepreneurs to create lean startups, establish and monetize premium domains. These exclusive brands allow businesses to reach a much larger audience quickly for only a small fraction of the cost of ownership.

Being a real estate startup, we understand that location is everything. That is why we chose to work with to secure a prime domain name. They were easy to work with, amenable to our needs, and we were able to pay for our domain over time instead of eating into our runway from a one time purchase. has allowed us access to a premium website that would've been impossible without their help. As a small business, the cost of purchasing would've been prohibitive, but with their leasing program, we are enjoying a high volume of daily traffic and dramatic growth in revenue. They have been an integral part of our success. Thank you Venture

Our family has been developing a strategy to take the licorice category to a new level for several years. The domain was the icing on the cake that enabled us to be successful. Venture is great to work on this exciting business as we bring the largest collection of gourmet licorices to everyone!

Venture helped us focus on building our brand instead of finding a brand that could build us. The incredible catalog of domains, rich with high volume SERP keywords, is the secret to empowering our company's fast time to revenue.

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