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The problem with not having the .com of your name is that it
signals weakness. Unless you’re so big that your reputation
precedes you, a marginal domain suggests you’re a marginal company.

Paul Graham Y Combinator

Why Startups Love Venture

I remember back in the early 00's when talking to friends about potential domain names that's been taken for years but never really used; parked domains with ridiculous prices making it impossible to acquire them. Whatsmyip.com was one of those dream names. Thanks Venture for making it possible for me to acquire my dream domain!

Richard Andersson
Founder, Whatsmyip.com

Acquiring the rights to use PlayGame.com via Venture.com is by far the best decision to date. Not only was the Venture team super helpful and knowledgeable in the domain name industry, but they gave us a peace of mind and ease to transact, so that we can focus on more important things: Making great games for the world. Having the "PlayGame.com" logo on our marketing arsenal is a game changer!

Anton Soeharyo
CEO, PlayGame.com

Our brand "Yuso" matters a lot to us. In addition to our home country domain, we defensively bought other extensions. As a start-up, the .com domain remained elusive until Venture.com provided us the opportunity to lease it with their innovative model.

Bart Pycke
Founder, Yuso.com

I'm very happy with Venture's service. It's a gift from God! Wasn't sure how to showcase my products, but now I have one of the best domains for my product category. Having a category defining domain name really does give us the edge. For me, it makes sense to get the exclusive right to a top-notch domain rather than registering a sub-par one. FunnyTshirts.com is so easy to remember and doesn't need an explanation.

Marcus Savage
Founder, FunnyTshirts.com

As an early stage business in a market where trust is paramount, choosing a high-quality .com domain-name from Venture.com gave us the legitimacy we needed to prove out our business model, acquire our first customers and ultimately build a brand that we can be proud of well into the future.

Peter O'Malley
Founder/CEO, Advisable.com

Premium domains are so hard to come by these days, and they're not cheap. As a small business owner, Venture has provided me the opportunity to lease a highly brandable domain at an affordable price. I'm grateful for Venture's professional service and their pool of top level domains.

Erica Wallace
Founder, Uptowngirl.com

As an entrepreneur and investor, I have spent more than 20 years waiting for someone to elegantly create a domain leasing platform like this. Venture.com has executed this domain leasing service with perfection and solved one of the greatest problems between entrepreneurs and domain owners.

Steven Vachani
Managing Director, Serendipity Ventures

I have been a fan of Venture’s model for quite sometime, having bought domains in the 6-figures, I understand the value of a memorable domain that can become a brand. Securing a high-quality domain name from Venture.com has accelerated the authority and traction of my business.

Jim Bellefeuille
CEO, HotelDeals.com

Having a one-word domain adds credibility to our brand and trust to our customers. Velour.com helps reinforce our brand identity and makes us more discoverable. Working with Venture is easy and efficient.

Caitlin Copetti,
Senior Marketing Manager, Velour.com

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