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Branding Focus for Fitter Results
Headshot of Cameron Speck

An Interview with Cameron Speck
Co-founder President & COO,

What is your business vision and your mission?

Our vision is to create the number one platform for unlocking limitless potential by providing the complete solution for a healthy mind, body and soul. And our mission is to create a global community of people striving for greatness, and provide inspiration and guidance to empower millions to live their best lives through health and fitness.

What insight do you have on branding?

I don’t believe a domain alone is going to make the difference. Creating a great brand is more important than a domain name. A name is only what you make it by the story you tell and how is relates to your audience.

What three things would you want to share with startups?

  1. Stay true to your vision through the process of building your business. It's easy to get distracted but if you stay true to your vision it allows you to stay focused on what means the most.
  2. Ensure your personal practise is aligned with you professional practise. Don’t neglect your personal routine when starting a business. In fact implementing a daily routine that allows you to mentally, physically and emotionally prepare will allow you to show up as your best self.
  3. Culture is so important when building a business. Your external brand is a reflection of your internal culture so build a culture you would be proud to share.

Why get when you already have

With Mealplan being a separate, stand alone app, it made sense for us to have both Fitplan and Mealplan webpages. If someone searches for "meal plan", "meal prep" or "meal planning" they’re likely to find us. If you’re looking for "workout routines", "workout plans" or "fitness plans", you’re likely to find Fitplan.

What benefits have you seen with the domain name,

Mealplan is a growing product and we’re happy with where we are headed. With such a focus on meal planning and meal prepping in the fitness and nutrition space, we’re seeing consistent web traffic and we’re being found by users who either know us or what to learn about meal planning. Why a .com site? We use .com as we are a commercial website; .org doesn’t apply to us and our headquarters is based in the U.S.

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