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Branding with Velour
Headshot of Caitlin Copetti

An Interview with Caitlin Copetti
Senior Marketing Manager

Velour logo

What is your business vision and your mission?

Velour’s purpose is to empower our customers to live in lashes. We are a brand and a team that thrives off of passion, innovation, teamwork, communication and impact. Our mission is to become the world’s leading eye-centric cosmetics brand.

Why did you decide on branding with the term Velour?

Velour has been our brand name since 2011 and we wanted a name that would represent the high-quality, handmade and most importantly the soft, natural feel of our lashes. All of our products are luxurious, yet approachable and we feel the name Velour embodies this.

How has your experience been with Venture?

The team at Venture is very easy and efficient to work with, they have fast turnaround on set up and make the domain purchase process simple. Their team keeps in touch often and checks in for feedback on a regular basis.

What is the importance of a great domain name in marketing?

Your domain is a representation of your brand, almost like your digital office headquarters. It should be a balance of literal and professional. Choosing a domain that's easy to remember and highly searchable can drive more traffic to your website.

Tell us about your biggest lesson learnt from the startup stage.

Teamwork is truly our key to success. Velour is lucky to have an incredibly inspiring and hard-working Founder & CEO, Mabel Lee. Her leadership and strong communication makes the team see the bigger picture and motivates all of us to feel empowered every day.

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