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Playful Project Turned Full-fledged Pursuit
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An Interview with Richard Andersson
Founder whatsmyip

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Why did you start this initiative?

For a very long time I had been thinking about what a good opportunity a domain like could be. For me, it was a bit of a playful project where I was able to both design and develop the site from the ground up. At the same time, my vision was to create precise content users would expect to see upon landing on this domain name.

How does a great domain make a great brand?

The domain name does make a big difference. One with a history stretching back to the 90's combined with being a self-explanatory name opens many doors. In my experience, users feel more comfortable linking than to a domain/site that is new, unheard of domain name registration. You also get a free boost on top of your daily SEO work. When you never have to explain your site, it's always straight to business from the start.

What was your experience with Venture?

Venture has from start been easy to use and provided good communication from day one. You always feel that they care about you and your success. I really like their business model since most domain owners lack the time, or skills to develop their sites, combined with asking loads of money that no developer or webmaster can afford. Venture changes the market making it possible for every one to get a great name and at the same time, providing a superb income source for domain owners.

How did Venture help you with your brand?

Venture's service has helped me create a flourishing company, which afforded me to resign from my job and start working from home. That's what it all came down to, not any fancy UX or design... The thing Venture really provided was freedom and multiple options to choose from in my case.

What main advice do you have for startups?

The domain name is the first thing your customers will get introduced to. It has to be easy to remember, be self-explanatory if possible. A good domain name plays a big part with online promotions. In my case, I never have to ask for links or be mentioned; I get that all for free and that more than covers the monthly cost at Venture easily.

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