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In the digital world, your web address is the only location that matters.

The Perpetual Lease Solution

Businesses usually don't purchase the office or retail space of their dreams. They lease them. And cap rate is a common way to calculate the going rate for commercial properties. We've brought this valuation measure from the world of physical properties to the digital world and made it easier for you to get the digital location of your dreams.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. It’s free to cancel your lease at any time for any reason and your security deposit will be refunded (per the terms of the agreement). You will not be reimbursed for any time remaining during the month that you canceled.

Once you lease a domain name with us, you will have perpetual rights to use it as long as you continue to pay on time and your use of the domain name does not infringe on another trademark or is legally contested and lost to another trademark owner.

These are premium domain names and many of them are appraised in the millions of dollars. Leases on Venture are modelled after commercial real estate with a standard cap rate of 4.8%. This means that a domain with reserve price of $1 million will have a lease rate of $4,000 per month.

Our goal is to facilitate fair, transparent pricing and lease rates are usually non-negotiable. The system automatically calculates the monthly lease based on the reserve price. If you do find that the lease price is too high, you may contact Support with your best offer, or try searching for another premium domain within your budget.

Venture is a lease-only platform. However, if you absolutely want to own - not lease one of the names you see here - contact us and submit your best offer. We will gladly present it to the domain owner but we do not guarantee a response.

It’s easy. Submit your desired name servers either when you apply for your lease or in your Venture account. Once the owner has transferred the domain to Venture's control, changes will be made promptly. But please keep in mind some registrars can take an additional 48-72 hours to update.

The Compensation Payment is equal to the then-current Monthly Fee multiplied by 250. A tenant would only be responsible to pay the Compensation Payment in the event that the domain name is legally lost as a result of the tenant infringing on the trademark that belongs to someone else.