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Aristotle said true wealth lies not in the ownership of property but in the right to use it. Many successful businesses lease prime storefronts rather than buying. At Venture.com, we believe creators deserve to have that same opportunity to establish their brand with premium domains without exhausting their capital, and so we help make that a reality with Exclusive Domain Leasing.

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A Venture lease gives an instant and lasting advantage for a powerful brand.

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Avoid huge upfront costs and allocate funds to critical areas.

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Secure license to use your dream domain for as long as you wish.

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End your lease without notice. No penalties. No questions asked.

Premium .Com vs Typical Media

Your web address is your biggest digital marketing and branding asset. Compare that to typical media costs.


Avg. cost of prime time broadcast TV 30-second commercial


Full-color New York Times Ad


Avg. cost of 30-second Ad during "This is Us" on NBC

$450,000 per day*

Snapchat "Sponsored Lenses"
*Sunday - Thursday


4 weeks on Time Square's largest billboard


30-second Ad avg. during 2018 Super Bowl

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. It’s free to cancel your lease at any time for any reason and your security deposit will be refunded (per the terms of the agreement). You will not be reimbursed for any time remaining during the month that you canceled.

Once you lease a domain name with us, you will have perpetual rights to use it as long as you continue to pay on time and your use of the domain name does not infringe on another trademark or is legally contested and lost to another trademark owner.

A premium domain is a high-quality, already registered domain name, which typically ends with the “.com” extension. It is often a popular term, memorable and attracts natural type-in traffic.

Premium domains can form authoritative brands in their niche, or vertical. Examples of this include CreditCards.com, BlackFriday.com and Hotels.com. Since they have the most marketing potential, many have high valuations into the millions and as a result, reflected in their monthly lease rate.

Lease rates are usually non-negotiable, but many of our listed names have a “Make an Offer“ button, which would allow you to counter offer. For the listings that do not have this offer option, you may contact Support with your best offer, or try searching for another premium domain within your budget.

Venture is a lease-only platform. However, if you absolutely want to own - not lease one of the names you see here - contact us and submit your best offer. We will gladly present it to the domain owner but we do not guarantee a response.

It’s easy. Submit your desired name servers either when you apply for your lease or in your Venture account. Once the owner has transferred the domain to Venture's control, changes will be made promptly. But please keep in mind some registrars can take an additional 48-72 hours to update.

The Compensation Payment is equal to the then-current Monthly Fee multiplied by 250. A lessee would only be responsible to pay the Compensation Payment in the event that the domain name is legally lost as a result of the lessee infringing on the trademark that belongs to someone else.